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Technical Report Writing and Writing Technical Specifications for Contracts 

Presented by: Mike Lacey-Smith

Accredited Live Interactive Webinar

On Completion of this live course professionals will receive a professional Certificate of completion, 2 ECSA CPD Points / 14 PMI PDUs, and 3 Month Access to Course Recordings for review purposes

Construction Managers

About the course

Within the realms of engineering and technical disciplines, effective communication is paramount, with the technical report at its core. This course empowers Engineers, Technicians, and Technical Specialists to master this medium, emphasizing precision in articulation. Explore the essence of technical writing anchored in the four C’s: Clarity, Conciseness, Correctness, and Completeness. Grasp the real-world significance of these principles, especially when crafting vital technical specifications for contracts that guide cross-departmental decisions. Recognize the pivotal role of precise technical specifications in contract formulation, ensuring clarity, appropriate project valuation, and prevention of expensive errors. Further, you'll refine your broader technical communication skills, honing your ability to present intricate projects with clarity. By the course's culmination, you'll possess enriched techniques to enhance your writing. Beyond mere instruction, this workshop aims to instill a deep-seated proficiency in technical report writing. Be it a proposal, a contract, or stakeholder communication, this course assures excellence in your written discourse.

What you will learn on this course:

  • Understanding that essential technical report writing skills the basis for all technical writing

  • Understanding the purpose of technical writing

  • Learning to write accurate and understandable technical reports

  • Appreciating the value of good written communications

  • Learning and applying the principles of good grammar in all forms of writing

  • Understanding the principles of clear, concise, correct and complete writing

  • Delivering clearly understandable written data

  • Learning how to proofread work so that writers are confident that the final product satisfies the needs of the reader/contract

  • Understanding the importance of accurate Technical Specifications writing for technical reports and for contracts

  • Clearly understanding what a contract is, and how information from a contract is used

  • Learning to deliver well prepared Technical Specifications that add value to any project including a contract

  • Appreciating the importance for accuracy of Technical Specification writing for both the contract and those who are going to use the data to successfully complete a project according to contract

  • Understanding that Technical Specification data should inform stakeholders in terms of decision making – it should be accurate, persuasive and clearly informative

  • Providing the opportunity to apply these skills in the workshop.

Accreditation for this course

This live webinar is approved by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). Complete the course to earn 2 ECSA CPD Points. PMP Certificate holders will also receive 14 PMI PDUs. This certification boosts your standing in the engineering world, showcasing dedication and excellence. Regularly updating CPD points is vital with bodies like ECSA, as not doing so could affect your membership. Stay updated, prioritize your certification, and highlight your commitment to engineering growth.

Who is this course for:

All Engineers, Technicians and Technical Specialists who are responsible writing technical reports, and those who are responsible for writing Technical Specifications for any technical document including that which is required for contracts.

On completion of the course, you will receive the following:

  • A certificate of completion

  • 2 ECSA CPD points

  • For PMP Certificate holders: 14 PMI PDUs

  • 3-month access to recordings of live sessions (for delegates who miss a session due to load shedding)

  • An accredited self-paced course with additional CPD points

  • This is a live interactive course, allowing you to ask the presenter questions in real-time.

Note: Live sessions must be attended to qualify for the certificate; recordings are for review only.

What is covered in this course


Section 1:
Foundations of Technical Writing

Understanding the reason for accurate Technical Writing:

  • Dive into the significance of precise technical writing in both business and academia, emphasizing the consequences of inaccuracies and how it can enhance professionalism and credibility.

The accepted structure of reports:

  • Explore both traditional and modern report structures, the importance of consistency, and the relevance of tailoring structures to the reading audience.

The qualities of a good technical report:

  • Examine the cornerstones of a standout technical report, including objectivity, accuracy, relevance, and user-centricity.

Understanding the PSA methodology (Problem, Solution, Action):

  • Unpack the PSA methodology, its practical benefits, application, and examples in real-world scenarios.

The 4c’s of writing – Clear, Concise, Correct, and Complete:

  • Delve into the foundational elements of exemplary writing, focusing on techniques to ensure clarity, brevity, correctness, and completeness.

Creating a system for accurate writing:

  • Introduce tools and methods for systematic writing, emphasizing the advantages of forming effective writing habits.


Section 2:
Techniques and Tools for Enhanced Writing

Relearning the parts of speech in an easy way:

  • Offer a refresher on the fundamental aspects of grammar and its practical application in the realm of technical writing.

Improving writing using and practicing 7 techniques:

  • Navigate through seven pivotal techniques to elevate writing quality, complete with practical exercises and feedback sessions.

Understanding and Applying PAFEO (Purpose, Audience, Format, Evidence, and Organisation):

  • Delve deep into the PAFEO framework, highlighting its significance in planning and showcasing real-life applications.

Grammar, Punctuation, and Structure:

  • Reinforce the importance of impeccable grammar and punctuation, showcasing how they impact the overall quality and perception of written content.

Data Visualization and Reporting:

  • Equip learners with the skills to effectively present data through graphs, charts, tables, and provide insights on effective statistical reporting

Finalizing the Writing:

  • Emphasize the importance of refining written content through proofreading, editing, and apt formatting to cater to the target audience and purpose.


Section 3:
Technical Specifications in Business Contexts

Introduction to Technical Specifications:

  • Illuminate the unique aspects of technical specification writing and the nuances of crafting business cases around them.

Project Management Essentials:

  • Break down how Quality, Time, and Cost (QTC) components intertwine in projects and shed light on industry standards, legislations, and cost estimation techniques.

Contracts and Tendering:

  • Impart knowledge on the anatomy of contracts, potential pitfalls, and the instrumental role of technical specifications during the tendering process.

Technical Specifications in Depth:

  • Deep-dive into crafting precise technical specifications, touching upon their structure, the critical role they play in project outcomes, and ensuring alignment with project methodologies.

Specifications, Contracts, and Methodology:

  • Foster an understanding of the interplay between technical specifications and contract methodologies, along with insights into the phraseology of contracts.

Section 4:

Supplementary Resources and Best Practices

Supporting Written Documentation:

  • Shed light on the importance and nuances of supporting documents like letters and emails, emphasizing their significance in supplementing main technical documents.

Collaborative Technical Writing:

  • Discuss the dynamics of team-based technical writing, the art of gleaning information from specialists, and the nuances of clarifying writing needs.

Ensuring Comprehensive Conformity and Success:

  • Dive into industry standards, legislations, and methodologies to ensure alignment, and underline the importance of conformity for successful technical writing outcomes.


Your Instructor

Mike Lacey-Smith

Mike is a seasoned Psychologist and Facilitator with extensive experience in Leadership Development, Personal Effectiveness, Emotional Intelligence, Mentorship, Coaching, and various other training programs. He has a diverse background, having worked with over 250 companies globally and presented in 13 African countries and Mauritius. With a career spanning industries such as Engineering, Mining, Healthcare, Construction, and more, Mike excels in Leadership and Executive Coaching, as well as facilitating workshops on Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, Design Thinking, and Innovation. As an accomplished author, Mike published "Life after the Pause" in August 2020, exploring the impact of SARS-Cov-2 on individuals, economies, businesses, and leadership worldwide. He has developed workshops based on this work, helping leaders navigate the challenges of the evolving work environment. Mike's qualifications include a BA in English, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, and a MA in Counselling Psychology. With certifications in Scrum Fundamentals, TEFL, and LEAN SIX SIGMA WHITE BELT, he continues to stay at the forefront of industry trends. Throughout his career, Mike has contributed significantly to various sectors, including Government Departments, Construction, Project Management, and Occupational Health and Safety. His expertise extends to facilitating workshops on Tender Preparation and Evaluation, reflecting his commitment to advancing professional skills.

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