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Quality Management for Construction Professionals

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About Self Paced Course

This comprehensive 14 Hour Accredited (ECSA) Self Paced Course course focuses on Quality Management in the Construction Environment, providing essential knowledge and skills needed to ensure the successful delivery of construction projects. It covers topics ranging from Quality Management Principles, Quality Planning in Construction, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control to the Cost of Quality, Quality Improvement, Quality and Safety, and Quality Culture. Throughout the course, learners will explore the key concepts of quality management, including defining quality, customer focus, PMI principles, common quality issues, and best practices. They will also delve into the planning process, understanding quality requirements, objectives, and standards, as well as the importance of Quality Management Plans. The course covers essential Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes, including inspection, testing, performance analysis, nonconformity management, and record keeping. It emphasizes the cost of quality and ways to manage it effectively. By the end of this course, learners will have a thorough understanding of quality management in construction and will be better prepared to implement these principles and practices in their own projects, ensuring high-quality outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

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