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Reclaim your Self Paced Courses

Professionals who purchased a self-paced course from the old site can use this form to reclaim access to their enrolled self-paced courses.

Please note that - although the self-paced courses carry a lifetime access policy, previously enrolled professionals have only until 1 January 2023 to reclaim their courses if they have not done so yet. Lifetime access to the course will be allocated to previously enrolled users.

Professionals who reclaim later than
1 January 2023 will have to repurchase the course.

Professionals who already reclaimed or are enrolled will continue to have lifetime access.


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Please fill out the following form, clicking the courses you were enrolled for. Our Administrative team will be notified and will cross-check with our records. Please allow up to 1 working day. You will be notified by email at completion.

Please ensure that you are signed in - Courses are allocated to accounts. If you haven't signed in / or signed up yet - please do so before submitting the request.

Selec the self-paced course you have purchased
Thanks for submitting your reclaim - Our administrative team has been notified and will check the database. 

Please allow 1 working day for this to process. You will be notified on completion.
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