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FIDIC 2017 for Construction and Engineering Professionals


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About Course:

The 2
nd Edition of the FIDIC Rainbow Suite contains much improvements compared to the 1999 1st Edition. Whilst considerably longer in length, the 2017 Editions of FIDIC contracts contains more robust procedures, the use of which is binding on both the Employer, the Contractor and the Engineer/Employer’s Representative. Failure to adhere to these procedures can be catastrophic. It is vital, therefore, to gain a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions contained in FIDIC contracts, including its procedures. The aim of this very practical course is, therefore, to make the procurement, management and administration of FIDIC contracts easy through the use of templates, case studies and examples and by drawing upon the facilitator’s years of experience in dealing with these contracts and in advising blue-chip clients. Whilst the course will focus on the provisions of the Red Book, delegates will be able to master all the contracts making up the FIDIC 2017 edition.

What will I learn?

Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will be able to:
Learn how to select the appropriate FIDIC contracts for your project
Learn how the prepare the various contract documents that make up the contract including the Appendix to Tender, Specifications or Employer’s Requirements as well as the Particular Conditions of Contract
Understand the role and function of the Engineer
Understand the provisions relating to the giving of instructions, notices etc.
Get to grips with all the requirements relating to the preparation and revision do the program
Deal effectively with variations
Understand when claims may be brought and the procedures applicable to the notification and submission of claims
How to deal with defective work and understand the certification process leading up to the taking-over of the works
Understand the payment provisions as well as how to quantify the value of work executed sing the Bill of Quantities or Schedule of Payments
Understand the obligations that rest on the contractor when the contractor is responsible for the design of the works or any part thereof
How to deal with and notify disputes
Understand the grounds for an procedures applicable to the termination of the contract
CPD points that add value: – Earning CPD points are crucial to retaining your professional designation as well as for your, as well as your business’ success. This course not only provides you with the CPD points needed, but also adds value to your career by delivering practical
training that provides you with the skills to integrate the knowledge gained in the classroom into real world projects.
•  C
ertificate of Completion: – During and at the end of the course your knowledge of the training material and the application thereof will be tested. On successful completion you will receive a certificate that not only verifies that you have attended the course, but also that you have
obtained the knowledge required to manage your projects successfully.

What to learn?

Although the 1999 editions of FIDIC forms of contract are still being used by many Employer’s, many international funding agencies have signed an agreement with FIDIC in terms of which they undertake, for the next five years, to use the 2017 editions in all instances where they will be providing funding for a project. As a result, it is expected that the new editions will have a quick uptake by the market. The new editions are regarded by most practitioners and legal experts as a vast improvement on the earlier, 1999 editions. The new editions certainly place much emphasis on procedures and many of these have changed. Some procedures, which are mandatory, have become more complex and require explanation and training. The role of the engineer has also changed substantially. Understanding how to procure, manage and to administer these contracts correctly is essential. Given its practical approach, attending this training will ensure that you get to grips with all aspects of the new editions quickly and easily.

Target Audience

  • Construction project managers
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Principle agents
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Client representatives
  • Project planners
  • Office Administrators
  • Anybody involved in planning and managing construction projects.


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Coenraad Snyman is a seasoned lawyer, international trainer, consultant and strategist in the areas of Contract Drafting, Management and Administration; Procurement; Building; Engineering; Construction; Oil & Gas;

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Material Includes

  • This is a Webinar Course
  • Students will receive 2 ECSA CPD Points
  • Students will receive 16 SACPCMP CPD Hours
  • 3 Month Recording Access
  • An original copy of the FIDIC 2017 Red Book
  • All the TEMPLATES they may ever need to administer a FIDIC contract
  • Course handout and material