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Every CPD Portal account includes a profile page, where you can share information about yourself, and add links to your personal website or social media profiles.

For CPD Portal instructors, your profile is also your Instructor biography, and is your dedicated space to present your expertise, your experience, and your personality.

How to Edit Your Profile

To edit your profile, including your profile’s image, navigate to My Dashboard, click on settings, you may change your profile as well as your information there. 

To edit your profile bio, simply type in your first and last name, your headline, and what you want your biography to say. Next, click Save at the bottom of the page.

How to Upload Your Profile Picture

To upload (or edit) your profile picture, click Photo on the left-hand side of your Profile page. Then choose an image from your computer to upload. Once it’s uploaded, you can crop it, if necessary, and then click Save.

How to Add External Links to Your Profile

In your profile you can add links to your personal website, YouTube channel, and social media profiles​ like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These links can provide more information about your experience and credentials and are a great way for instructors to tell students more about them and increase their audience.

To add external links to your profile, scroll to the bottom of your Profile page and enter your information. After you have entered the external links, click Save.

Editing Your Privacy Settings

You can access your privacy settings and set whether you wish to have your profile publicly visible on the Privacy page. In addition, you can also set whether you wish to share what courses you are enrolled in, on this page. By default, account profiles are publicly visible, unless the settings are changed.

Your privacy settings can be accessed by clicking on Privacy on the left-hand side of your Profile page.